What’s My Home Value?

It is easy to get a wide variety of information online these days – everything from your bank balance to your aerials of homes on Google Maps.  But when it comes to establishing market value for your home, it really isn’t so easy, despite it appearing like it is.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) such as Zillow and Redfin determine a value based on your square footage, and the sales price and price per square foot of homes that have sold nearby. But even in a neighborhood where all the homes were built by the same builder at the same time, there can be a wide variety of variables which cause the current market price to be higher or lower than what magically appears on the screen.

What if you have updated your kitchen or have an amazing view that your neighbors don’t? What if you just replaced the roof? What if you are a master gardener and your yard is the envy of the neighborhood? The AVM doesn’t take any of that into consideration.

The bottom line is you need a real estate market pricing expert to provide you with the most realistic price range for your home. That is where we come in!