“Tony helped me find my first home. A few other realtors turned me away because I was looking at some short sale and foreclosed properties, but Tony was fast to respond and didn’t mind that it might be extra work to close on these homes. I was also worried about even attempting to buy a house in case a realtor might think I’m not worth their time because of my age, but Tony never even gave a hint that I might be a waste of his time.

I was looking for a structurally sound home that I could do extra work on to make it beautiful. He listened to what I was looking for and I really appreciated his honesty – If he didn’t think a home was a good fit for me, he openly told me “I don’t think this is worth it”. I needed that extra input because this is a big decision, and I’m doing it all by myself. Tony has a good idea of what kind of work you have to do on a home that will increase the value of the home versus the kind of work that will just be a money sink but is necessary to make the place livable. He also has first hand experience in how much certain jobs should cost if you would have to make a major repair to the house and can recommend contractors to help you. Even after I bought the house, Tony still said he’s available to recommend experts for the many projects I have planned to fix up my house.

Overall, I’m very happy I found Tony to help me with this process. He was friendly and extremely helpful. He obviously loves his job and prioritizes your best interest. Buying a house is scary, but Tony is calming and makes it fun.”