“I approached Marisa before I was ready to buy, as a potential first-time homeowner with a bunch of questions. She was very receptive to my questions, and gave me a detailed and honest explanation of current market trends, the overall process, the first steps, etc.

Marisa continued to be extremely prompt and helpful during my search, and after an offer was accepted. She was always there to answer a question, write an offer or go show me a property even on short notice, which was very important in the Seattle condo market.

Marisa gave me an honest and unbiased analysis of all of the units I was interested in, and at no time did I feel pressured to place an offer or offer more. I could tell her first priority was making sure I found the home that was right for me, regardless of how many properties needed to be toured, or how many offers needed to be written.

In the end I ended up closing ahead of schedule, with everything going as smoothly as it could have, and I’m very happy with where I ended up.”