M. Dorsett, Redmond – First Time Buyer

As a first-time home buyer, I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Tony. He did a great job teaching me how to evaluate a property and helped me steer clear of several houses that, looking back, would have been nightmares to deal with and tough to re-sell. He was always very responsive, and would go out of his way to show me a house, even if I had already seen it earlier that day and just wanted to see what it looks like in the evening. Tony shares my love of cycling, and while I was at work he would ride out to different potential houses and report back what he thought, including how accessible they were via bike, which was extremely helpful. I ended up buying a house that met all my criteria and more; I’m still pinching myself. I didn’t think I’d have a shot at winning a bid for what is now my home, but Tony suggested I throw my hat in the ring and he helped me beat out another higher offer by working with my lender and me to put together a strong offer. I will definitely consult Tony for all future real estate listings/sales/purchases.