Tony and Marisa are both very knowledgeable and professional. Marisa was our main contact. She was very helpful. She helped us every step of the way and always available anytime of day either via texts or emails. We didn’t think we would get this house without Marisa who came up with a great strategy. We were able to close this house without any bidding war..Thanks to Marisa! We do believe that in order to get your dream home, it does require experience realtors. Not only she took care of us prior to closing, but she also helped us after the closing such as she took care of our lawn so that we could come home with such a welcoming feeling. She also bought us a fire distinguish which we thought that was such a thoughtful gift. If any of you who are looking for a realtor, we highly recommend Tony and Marisa. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Marisa and Tony for helping us with our dream home!